Inner Light

Inner Light
Inner Light

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want it back

Death is very near
but i cant embrace it .
life is too far
but i cant say bye to it.
Days make my hopes set
Nights make my pillows wet.
Tears leave my eyes and seek
love all the way my cheek.
Umpteen times tried to convince my mind
umpteen times tried to make it silent.
Everytime it says something stupid
and wants me to surrender to cupid.
Whenever i did ,thinking it will make me strong
love and life made it proved i am wrong.
To hide my hurt I do smile
but know i can do only for a while.
My love never got any value
always found crushed by one's shoe.
I thought it will be safe with you
but now realized nothing is new.
My days and nights are still the same
Tears are searching love with no shame.
Started the journey but dont know
what to do and where to go.
With all my baggage i am on my way
streets are blocked and cant see any way .
I really dont know what i am searching here and there
I am standing still not knowing what and where.
I cried I yelled with utter pain
helplessly realized everything went vain.
All i could see only dark and night
No single sign of my Saviour knight.
I could feel my death is near
still madly searching for life, please hear.
I lost my love somewhere there......
I know my life is standing still there..